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Indian Lawyer Services :: Debt Recovery Debt Collection in India::
The attorneys of firm are regularly filing the money recovery suit against the creditors. The attorney of the firm have already filed huge recovery suit before the district court and high court on behalf of individuals, Companies and financial institution to recover there debt etc. the law firm attorney are use to file the recovery suit on two modes.

(1) Simple recovery in case where there are no contract or agreement.
(2) the attorney firm used to file order xxxvii CPC for recovery of money /debt in the cases where there are any written contract, dishonored, cheque ,bill of exchange,hundies and promissory notes, in which the parties/client seeks only to recover a debt or liquidated demand in money payable by the opposite party/defendant with or without interest, arising.

(3) the attorney of the firm also file on the basis of on an enactment, where the sum sought to be recovered is a fixed sum of money or in the nature of debt other than a penalty.

(4) The law firm attorneys also used to file on the basis on a guarantee, where the claim against the principal is in respect of debt or liquidated demand only.
The order xxxvii CPC is a very good and fast procedure for recovery of the debt. If there is a any written contract between the parties.

The attorney of the firm or succeed/recovered so many client, debt through this procedure as quick and fast and there are very happy. For the banks, financial institution and companies and for the general public. This procedure are very helpful recover there money.

The attorney of the firm are regularly handling so many cases for recovery of money .suit and the attorney of the firm have filed so many cases on behalf of there clients in Kolkata ,Simla,chandigarh deheradoon, etc.
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